Mail Service

Re-supply by mail is often an essential part of a hikers journey. The Leadore Post office will only hold packages for a short period of time. For our guests, we will hold packages for the entire hiking season if need be. Packages not claimed will be donated to the Hiker Box unless there is an alternate instruction by the sender.

Mail packages to the following addresses:

United States Postal Service
(Hikers Name)
C/O: Mustang Inn
PO Box 27
Leadore, ID 83464

(Hikers Name)
C/O: Mustang Inn
401 S Railroad St
Leadore, ID 83464


Shuttle Service

There are multiple drivers in Leadore who will shuttle hikers to and from the trail. On most days during the hiking season there is usually an early shuttle and a late shuttle. Drivers will also make additional trips for hikers as the need arrises. Cell service can be an issue at Bannock Pass. Most hikers are able to find areas of cell coverage as they approach the pass from either the North or the South so be looking for this on your approach to the pass.

During the 2023 Hiking Season there will likely be three shuttle drivers at any given time. Feel free to call or text them to schedule a ride.

Jen Pippo: 406 214-2656
Ronnie Miller: 208 303-0534
Carolyn Palmer: 717 269-9342
Randy Stroud: 208 768-7524

If they cannot be reached, call the Mustang Inn.


Laundry options are a must for most hikers coming off of the trail. We have a laundry room stocked with detergent that is open between 10:00 am and 7:00 pm. For the 2023 season, our laundry service is free for all hikers who book a room with us.


We offer breakfast meals as a seasonal amenity (usually June through August) when hiking season is underway. This is a pay in advance option that is offered when you pay for your room. A meal charge for each guest will be added to the room charge if its desired.

Horse Stalls

During rodeo season we have the ability to erect up to four stalls on the property. This service is intended to give guests options for their horses other than just standing in their trailers for long periods of time. Please call to arrange stall service.

Harvest Tools

During Idaho's big game seasons most of our guests are hunters going after that trophy elk or mule deer. In the event our guests are able to harvest an animal we have cutting, cleaning and processing tools available for use.